Full Monty Cocktails: San Antonio Bartending Service

Are you looking for a sexy all male mobile bartending service in San Antonio and the surrounding areas? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place.

San Antonio Bartending & Entertainment Services

Hiring a male San Antonio Bartender from Full Monty Cocktails for your bachelorette party, girls night out party, retirement or over the hill party is the most important decision you can make when planning your event. We are dependable, courteous, fun and professional. Full Monty Cocktails male bartender service welcomes both female and male clients. You will, without a doubt, discover that it’s a worthwhile investment.

It’s no doubt that parties including bachelorette parties, private parties, over the hill parties, etc. can benefit a great deal from male bartending. Apart from giving your guests the best entertainment they can expect, hiring a San Antonio Bartender from Full Monty Cocktails guarantees to offer the best standard of service and to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. They give you a complete peace of mind to help you relax and become a guest at your own party as they make things happen.

If you allow them, our all male San Antonio Bartenders at Full Monty Cocktails can help you plan every aspect of your beverage service including specialty drink planning and alcohol ordering. They come with the entire bartending tools you need including cups, garnishes, speed rails, ice bins, cutting boards, alcohol and mixers, etc. They usually arrive one hour before your event starts to set things up and leave an hour later to clean up the area. A San Antonio Bartender from Full Monty Cocktails basically handles the bar set up, clean up and break down. Oh and don’t forget they handle the fun too!!

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What you can expect

We are an all male bartending service that puts your needs first. Not only can we make incredible cocktails to perfection, but we can also provide you with hours of entertainment. As a San Antonio bartending Service, we know that our competition is stiff, but our drinks are stiffer. When you hire us you can expect phenomenal service at incredible rates. Our male bartenders will put your needs first every step of the way. Hire us for the best San Antonio bartending you’ve ever experienced. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Why you will love us

Who doesn’t love a hot bartender, and as the drinks keep flowing your San Antonio bartender will keep getting hotter. Entertaining, professional, and charming men make up our crew of all male bartenders. Our staff is highly trained and knows precisely how to make you happy. You may come for the drinks, but you’ll stay for the bartenders. Our toned, fit, full Monty San Antonio bartending service will fulfill your fantasies while exceeding your expectations. Come have some fun with our bartenders and enjoy their services. You will love our bartenders and their incredible drink shaking, I mean, making skills.

Makes a great gift

Is your girlfriend down in the dumps? Or is your best friend about to get married and you don’t know what to get her for her wedding present? Why not hire one of our talented bartenders to lift her spirits? Our services are the perfect way to say thank you to a friend or to cheer them up. Not only do we pour drinks, but we also fully entertain you while we do so. Don’t just give your friend another card she won’t read, give her a gift she actually wants! Hire us today!